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Sydney Claypool

Heyyy!!!! My name is Sydney Claypool, I’m from Lincoln Nebraska. I was born on January 4 1995. I’m a senior at Lincoln High School. I’m a very outgoing, fun, weird and awkward person. I may seem quiet at first but I’m really loud. I love to take pictures, write, listen to music and hangout with friends. My favorite T.v show is Common Law, WWE, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars. I love Eminem and MGK.

After High School I want to go to the New York Film Academy. To get my filming and sound engineer degree. Then go to SCC (Southeast Community College) to get my business degree and eventually open my own recording and directing studio. I’m inspired by the one and only Rob Dyrdek. I love pizza

Well that’s it I guess.

-Sydney Claypool.

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