Students and teachers battle on LHS trivia night


The winners of the trivia night are revealed on Thursday, March 22. Photo by Greg Keller.

By Meg Boedeker |LHS News|

Students usually don’t have a chance to challenge teacher’s wits in day-to-day classes, however, Lincoln High’s National Honor Society put together an event to do just that.

On Thursday, March 22 after school, students and teachers challenged one another to see who was truly the best of the best. William West, National Honor Society advisor and Lincoln High French teacher, said, “It’s [the trivia event] a community service fun event. Teams register, and then compete against each other (teachers vs students). All LHS staff and students are invited.”

Students and teachers prepare for another question after school on Thursday, March 22. Photo by Greg Keller.

The event was aimed to find strengths (and also weaknesses) in the knowledge of both teachers and students. After a tough trivia game, a team of students including seniors Dominic Vavala, Ruby Hoffman, Cassidy Whitney, and Lorenzo Catalano, came out of the challenge victorious.