Biden, Sasse, Bolz win LPS Student Vote election


Photo by LHS Staff

In early October, students worked with Civic Nebraska to register eligible voters. Students wrote messages on the sidewalk to promote voting.

Lincoln Public Schools held the Student Vote, a district-wise mock election, on October 29, five days before the 2020 General Election. 

Around 21,000 students participated, voting on President of the United States, Nebraska Senator in the United States Senate, and Nebraska District 1 Representative in the House of Representatives. High school students also voted on Initiative Measures 429, 430, and 431, about allowing regulated gambling in Nebraska. 

Joe Biden received the most votes for President of the United States with 60% of the votes which amounted to 12,787 students. He was followed by Donald Trump with 30% of the votes or 6,377 students. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen received 8% of the votes with 1,776 students. 

Ben Sasse received the most votes for Senator in the United States Senate with 39% of the votes, 3% above Democratic candidate Chris Janicek. Libertarian candidate Gene Siadeck received 19% of the votes with 4,116 students.

For the House of Representatives, Democratic candidate Kate Bolz received 45% of the votes, about 714 more than Republican Candidate Jeff Fortenberry, who held 42% of the votes. Libertarian candidate Dennis B. Grace received 9% with 1,832 students. 

Lincoln High School voted comparatively more Democrat, with Biden getting 76% of the votes, Janicek getting 54% and Bolz getting 62% out of 1392 students who voted in Lincoln High. 

Both the district and Lincoln High results showed students favored initiatives 429, 430, and 431.

We will see if the Lincoln Public School’s youth votes will be reflective of how the people of Lincoln vote during the 2020 General Election on Tuesday, November 3rd.