OPINION: How sneakerheads have changed the world


Photo by Taylor Smith

Free photo from unsplash.com — This photo of Nikes by Taylor Smith is licensed under Creative Commons.

The sneaker community is growing larger and larger with the increase of sneaker releases and the documentary that just recently released “The Last Dance,” which is about the 1996 Chicago Bulls.

I have always been interested in having nice sneakers. When I was about 8 years old I started to skateboard, and that is when I first got interested in having the nicest sneakers. I always wanted to have some nice DC high tops and that was my first real “Hype” sneaker. After that it just kept going up. I got a pair of SB’s, and I just started to keep collecting.

Sneakers have really changed my life, and I hope that they will have a big future with me. The main thing that I love about sneakers is the community and how it brings people together.

At LHS there is a big love for sneakers. Almost all of my friends from school love sneakers and we are talking about our favorite shoes or the nice ones coming out or if we should buy a pair or not. 

One of my best friends is Matias and I have been close since about 5th grade. He grew up watching basketball and skateboarding, which is where his love for sneakers came from. His brother is someone who is really into shoes. “I always wanted to get new shoes but they are so expensive so I ended up getting my brothers old shoes,” Matias said. In middle school Matias got into basketball which brought the sneaker culture in with it.

LHS has a lot of people who enjoy wearing sneakers and to show off how they got some of the newer shoes or show off the fact they just spent a ton of money on buying a single pair of shoes.

There was one time that I was at LHS when I was walking to my next period and I saw someone wearing a $4,000 shoe. It was the off white Jordan 1 Chicago. I was so amazed that I saw that shoe because of the fact that it is so expensive.

I have done a lot of research on shoes so I am almost able to point out every shoe that is thrown at me, but mainly Jordans. With Nikes and Jordans I could probably tell you what colorway it is and a little bit of backstory on that shoe.

I have almost gained a sort of respect because of the fact that I like sneakers and I collect them. I think it is funny though because I have spent way too much money on them, and it has probably not been the best financial decision I have made.

I know that recently because of Covid a lot of people have been buying sneakers. This is mainly because of the documentary that released “The Last Dance” on Netflix. This documentary increased the price in a lot of the original Jordan colorways because it highlights them. So this has made it so that more people are buying sneakers and more people are selling them too. 

Over this summer I was able to make about a $1,500 profit from selling sneakers. A lot of brands and companies have been struggling with Covid, but Covid has made sneaker stores and sneaker resellers almost better.

I bought at least 4 pairs during quarantine, and I know more people have bought a lot more. Sneakers almost run the economy keeping everything a float and running. There was a 16 year old kid who managed to sell about 6 figures worth of sneakers over this quarantine alone. If you know what you are doing you can make it big in the sneaker community. I am glad to be a part of this huge community that just keeps on growing.