OPINION: Online learning vs. in-person: Which is better for you?


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone. For students especially, the transition to either fully online learning or half-in half-out has been necessary due to the times we are in. As a student who has done both, I believe that while different, virtual learning can have a positive effect on students. 

One thing that virtual learning offers is comfortability. Learning from a home environment can allow students to feel much safer and happy, which can lead to less distractions such as other students that would normally interrupt learning. According to an article by MSUToday, research has shown that virtual students have achieved higher scores than those doing in-person learning. 

Convenience is another big pro of online learning. For me personally, instead of waking up at 7 a.m. and having to drive to school, I could wake up 45 minutes later, grab something to eat and log into zoom. It was much more convenient and now that full in-person school has started again I wish I could go back and appreciate the days of online learning. 

Accessibility is also a pro that virtual learning offers. LPS issues all students Chromebooks as well as at home internet providers if needed so that all students are able to participate in virtual classes. An article by Scholarship America said, “An added boon on virtual learning is the flexibility of studying remotely …” They said this while talking about the availability as well affordability of online learning. 

A downside that can come from virtual learning is the feeling of social isolation. Without the daily social interactions that come from on-campus learning students may feel isolated and lonely. However some students may feel more comfortable with less social interactions, so it really boils down to whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. 

While the transition to full online or hybrid (half-in-half-out) learning has been challenging, it has also been a learning experience. Some have learned that virtual learning is better for them and some have learned that they would rather be at school. Whether you are an in-person or online learner, we have learned that online learning can have many pros, and I would recommend giving it a chance.