OPINION: Students and their screen time


With technology improving day by day, students are glued to their phones and they don’t even realize it. The number of students who are on their phone 6+ hours of the day is increasing as social media and technology improves. 

Corlen Williams-Barney, a freshman at Lincoln High says “I average about 8 hours per day, I am probably going to lower it though.” 

He also tells us that his parents have never tried to cut his screen time down, only he has. “My mom doesn’t really care, as long as I’m getting my school work done on time and efficiently.”

As news staff, we conducted a survey asking how much screen time students average per day, and 39% of students who took my survey average about 6-8 hours of screen time per day. This means, almost 46 people said they are active on their phone 6-8 hours a day. Another fact, 45% of students who finished my survey said they have considered cutting down their screen time.

With replies from anonymous students that say “I cut down my own screen time. My average is between 2-4 hours.” This means the student cut their own screen time down, without their parents. But other anonymous replies showed students struggling with screen time. So it rangers, from person to person.

Some solutions of limiting screen time for yourself is setting reminders to take a break, and many other things. Eating meals without a screen is a good way to lower it, and setting locks on apps is an even better idea if it gets that far. 

In conclusion, students should every once in a while to see if you’re on your phone too much. It’s unhealthy to be on it a lot and being able to bring it down is healthy for yourself.