Physical science builds towers


In 9th grade Physical Science, tons of students are working on spaghetti towers with marsh-mellows. Students only have a limited amount of tape to build their towers. Students are doing this so to show motion and distance in certain objects.

Right now they are learning about motion. When doing these towers you have to think about the structure, shape, and how much materials you have. Doing these towers in groups has its benefits and disadvantages.

When working together you have to be able to use communication. Also working together can speed up the process in your build. The goal is to get your tower as high as you can without it falling over.

A lot of students went with triangle shape towers. They learned a triangle is the strongest shape so it can hold more weight. They have been working on these projects for about 4 days now and are about to finish their projects. They are going to see whose tower is the tallest.