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The 2022 upcoming soccer season

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On January 24, 2022, I Interviewed Kennedy Hudson, a ninth-grader at Lincoln High. She played for our Freshman/Reserve girls basketball team, but she is also trying out for the LHS soccer team here soon. When she was interviewed she talked about how she feels about getting back into soccer, how it feels going from basketball to soccer, and overall, if she is excited about this coming season.

The first thing Hudson talked about was her past with soccer. She has been playing soccer for ten years. When she first started playing she played for the Lincoln Comets through ages 6 – 10. That was when she was a defender, now she is playing midfielder and that is what she is going to try out for when LHS soccer tryouts come around soon. Also, she told me that her least favorite position is goalie because she said “I want to be a part of the action.”

Hudson discussed the difference between club and high school soccer for her. She thinks that high school will be more strict compared to her past years of playing club, there will be more on-field training, and lastly, she thinks it will be a lot more competitive than club soccer in her opinion. She thinks this because there are a lot more older girls she could be playing with.

She is excited but also nervous about going from her first basketball season in high school to her first soccer season. She knows it is going to be very difficult to get back into the routine of soccer but she said she’s ready.

I am so glad I got to interview Kennedy Hudson and talk all about heading into her first year of high school soccer season. Talking about going from basketball to soccer, her past experiences, and overall her feeling about high school soccer and her feelings toward playing it was so exciting.

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