Covid-19 cases force schedule change


“Coronavirus” by danielfoster437 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Friday, January 14 LPS announced that there will be schedule changes due to staff shortages. The shortage isn’t just teachers, it includes para-educators, nurses, counselors, social workers, transportation, custodial, office staff, and so much more. This rapid spike in covid has had a much bigger effect on our schools than previously thought. 

Due to the dramatic shortage, there is a Temporary district-wide “COVID Response Fridays”. This means students and teachers will have no school on the 21 and 28 of January and the 4 of February. It is also strongly affecting students. Every day students, teachers, and parents get emails about 10 or even 15 new cases just at Lincoln high school. So many students are missing school and valuable intrusion and falling behind on many assignments. Students and teachers wonder if they will ever go full Zoom again like back in March 2022, but LPS knows they need to try to keep students in school as long as possible. 

That is why LPS is giving students practice and training on how school will be if students ever have to go to Zoom again. This is another reason why all students need to be wearing their masks over their noses when on school grounds and in other public places so we can reduce the risk of spreading COVID as much as possible. Students and teachers also need to make sure everyone is washing their hands very often, and keep their distance when it is possible.