Students talk about their experiences with track so far

Students talk about their experiences with track so far

Many people have a sport that they fall in love with or it could be from your parents who played a sport and carried it onto you. Some students are experiencing their first year of track or while others have been doing it for years.. I talked to two freshmen on the track team. Bryan May Lazaro and Ezra Proctor and how their season is going and what they are working on.

May Lazaro is one person on the track team who has done many sports this year.“I started track in eighth grade, and just wanted to do it for fun,” said May Lazaro. When asked why he started track this year.Many people do track to get faster and build stamina, and that isn’t a bad thing if you want to get better. Other people will choose to participate in track because it’s fun. As far as the season is going, May Lazaro said. “It’s been good, I met new people, and the meets have been great.”

Track is about the community, there are tons of people who you’ll meet along the way and build better friendships. “Probably not doing track, hopefully I’m out of school.”Said Lazaro after being asked what his future is for track.Not all people who play sports in high school continue to play their sport and there are many reasons they might quit, such as they like another sport better, it wasn’t for them, or they did it for fun.Sports are all about dedication and hard work and May Lazaro was asked what he is working harder on to get better at track.

This is what May Lazaro had to say. “My speed and probably jumps.” Yet again track is mainly about your speed and to train your body to get faster.It is also about the technique you are using to reach your maximum potential.Now all sports must come with fear, whether it’s an injury that keeps you out the game or you are just scared of the crowd or whatever might scare you.This is his response. “Probably an injury and gonna be gone for a while.”That will be the most common answer a person will have about what they fear in a sport. 

Ezra Proctor, another person who has spent some time on the team getting to know the feel of the season. “Well because I wanted to get faster and I like running.”Said Proctor on why he started track.You could fall in love with a sport just because of what it is or something you like doing and push it to the next limit.

The season is different for everybody meaning you could have a slow start but then turn out to be a great finish and it looks like Proctor is already having a good one.“It’s been good, I’ve already been in at least a meet so that’s fun.”Being in a meet is very competitive because there aren’t many ways to get in and him being in one of them is a big accomplishment. “I don’t know, I mean mostly just getting faster every year.”Proctor said when asked about his future with track.As we grow we all naturally faster with or without track. “My starts”One key thing about track is your starts because if you start late you’re not as likely to get first. “Getting last place.” Said Proctor on his biggest fear in track.No matter what it is in track, getting last place isn’t the best thing because you could be last with the biggest gap between you and the other person and it isn’t pretty. 

If you are thinking about doing a sport you should do it because later in the future you might regret not playing the sport you wanted to.