College and life after high school.


Photo by Michael Marsh, free through Creative Commons/Unsplash

We all know that high school is where we come to learn and grow to one day live on our own. Seniors are very close to finishing high school. A new club called College Club is being held here at Lincoln High, which will aim to help seniors prepare plans for after high school. Senior Yaslin Perez also shared her thoughts and plans for after high school.

Lucas Varley, LHS counselor, is part of the College Club team here at Lincoln high school and decided to be part of the College Club because he helps students apply for the EducationQuest College Access grant. He wanted to take part in the College Club in order to have more opportunities to help students with going to college.

Varley said, “Come to the college club, meet with your school counselor, take classes you are interested in in high school.” Varley has additional advice for high school seniors. “Double check with your counselor, still attend the college fairs, still attend the financial aid meetings.”

College Club is a club where counselors are available to help seniors with college applications, the FAFSA, academic scholarships, and any other college related questions that students need answered. They also bring in guest speakers at times. College Club takes place in room 300 after school every Tuesday.

Let’s move on to talk about Yaslin Perez, Lincoln high senior student and how she is doing with her after school plans. 

Perez believes that getting to class on time and getting good grades is one of the hardest things about being a senior. She has also mentioned she has not checked out College Club.

Perez said, ¨I haven’t looked into the College Clubs because it adds to things, and then I’ll be stressing out about things I don’t need to stress about.¨

Perez has a simple plan for her future. “My dream job is to be a teacher or something that makes me really happy. I’m planning to go to southwest community college for two years. I want to work to get a good house and later in the future have a stable enough job to get my dream car and have kids,” said Perez.

Sometimes high school can be difficult and a lot of students just want to finish high school as fast as they can. Perez said, “I feel like I’m very stressed about high school. I kind of want to get it over with but I also want to take my time with it because after high school is when you step into the adult world and have to do all these adult things and have all these responsibilities.”

Sometimes it is good to take high school slowly and just enjoy it. It is always good to start preparing for the future. Check out the College Club if you have any questions and or ideas of what you need help with. Every person is different, and has a different plan. Yaslin Perez is a little scared for what’s to come in the future, but she has a plan that will help her get there as long as she puts in the effort.