Gas leak detected at LHS


LHS students and staff wait outside while firefighters investigate, image taken by Sergio K. Zavala

While after school activities were in session, around 3:45 pm, September 8, a gas leak was detected at Lincoln High School in the south building. There was a strong scent of gas on the third floor detected by staff members. In response, all staff and students were evacuated and asked to keep their distance from the south building.

Firefighters showed up at the scene almost immediately, later they were joined by workers from Black Hills Energy and Lincoln Public Schools Operations.

Around 4:30 pm Black Hills Energy and Lincoln Public Schools Operations deemed the building safe to reenter. Even though deemed safe, Mark Larson postponed all ongoing activities in the building, including parent teacher conferences to avoid risking exposing anyone to unnecessary danger. 

School resumed its course the next day on a regular schedule.