Links varsity baseball loses against Spartans

Lincoln High pitcher #9 during the fist inning against the Spartans.
Photo by Sergio K. Zavala

Thursday, March 23 at Lincoln East’s Den Hartog Baseball Field, the Lincoln High School varsity baseball team faced against the Lincoln East High Spartans on the field.

The game was off to a rough start as the Spartans scored 8 runs in the first inning. Links scored 0.

The score remained the same up until the third inning when the Spartans scored an additional run. Followed by a run from the Links in the fourth inning.

During the fifth and sixth innings the Spartans obtained a run in each one.

After six innings, 2 hours and 9 minutes the Links lost against the Spartans 11 – 1.

Throughout the game the Links landed 3 hits and 6 errors. While the Spartans landed 7 hits and no errors.

Links huddled on the field after the game.