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Girls Golf Drives Away the Competition

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By  Grace Miller –  |Sports| –

When most people think of golf, they think of the sport that their dads and grandpas watch to fall asleep to. For many young women at Lincoln High, it is a sport that means a lot to them. Golf has practice after school at the Jim Ager Golf Course and the Highland Golf Course unless they have a meet. Prior to the meet, the team tries to visit the course to familarize themselves with it.

The team participated in many tounraments around the Lincoln area. The LHS golf team hosts a scramble every year. A scramble is a tournament based off of having fun. Everyone on the team hits a ball from the driving range and everyone plays from the best shot. This year the scramble was the second week of the season. The girls golf team at East hosts two different tournaments that they LHS Girls Golf team attends and Bellevue East has one tournament that the team travels to. They also attend the Heartland Athletic Conference, LPS, and district tournaments. At the meets, the varsity team plays an 18 hole game and the JV team plays a 9 hole game.

Coach Larry Elwood is really excited for the end of the season and had some great insight to share. Elwood has been coaching golf here at Lincoln High for seven years. He is very excited for the end of the season this year because at the meets the team has attended so far they have exceeded his expectations. Some of his expectations were to work on consistency and work on improving. He has also enjoyed seeing how the team has improved since last year. The golf team has been taking advantage of really good opportunities that have presented themselves at meets and that has helped them be successful when they are competing.

“They’re maintaining focus during a tournament or during play and staying in the moment and have always played their hardest and that’s all I ever ask for,” said Elwood when asked about how the team has been doing throughout the year.

Golf is one of the sports that no one talks about a lot but we have one of the best golf teams in the city at our school, because we have placed very well in all of the tournaments that they have attended. The girls golf team has placed in the top three of every tounrament they have gone to.

On September 19th the girls golf team placed 3rd in the Heartland Athletic Conference tournament and continue to place well at all of the meets they attend. At the State golf tournament at the Norfolk Country Club on October 9th and 10th Chloe Baylor placed tenth in the state.

Chloe Baylor (12) swings on the fairway at the Norfolk Country Club on the 9th. Photo by MacKenzie Pierson.
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