FBLA students learn leadership skills at conference


FBLA members are waiting for the speaker, Bill Cordes, to start the conference.

By Cadence Smith

Students in Lincoln High’s Future Business Leaders of America club (FBLA) put on their formal best for the first leadership conference of the year in Omaha on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

A total of 44 students and advisors attended, including our Lincoln High FBLA team.

Starting off the conference was a speech from Bill Cordes, a famous talk show host, and their goals for this upcoming chapter in FBLA. They explained the importance of being an member of FBLA. To learn that being an FBLA member is being an leader, and to inspire others to be the same. What made this conference so special is that only officers of the club and four non-officer members could attend the conference. The members who attended this fall conference were Chloe Orr, Reagan Gordon, Peyton Erickson, Chloe Andreini, and Dalton Hurd-Frakes.  

After the opening speech, the members were separated into workshops specified to whatever officer-role they played in FBLA. Going through the day, students learned what they could do to be apart of the FBLA experience and even made friends with other high school FBLA members. Lincoln High freshman Jacki Jimenez said, “It’s important to make friends so you have people who care for you and can talk to when you need support or need help working something out.”

Ending off the unforgettable evening, each high school had an hour to brainstorm with their current FBLA members about what they were going to do to represent their school. From creating goals for this chapter and ideas for fundraising.

All in all, students said this conference was a fun way to learn new leadership skills and ways to grow our community.

“The conference was very similar to how it has been in past years and I found the overall conference to be beneficial to FBLA members,” LHS senior Chloe Orr said.  “I thought for us at LHS we were able to use the conference to further organize our year and become closer as a chapter.”

FBLA meets Wednesdays from 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. in room 204.