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JV Boys Soccer wins City Title

JV Boys Soccer player Fernando Saavedra attacks the Roncalli goal during a game at LHS on April 18, 2015. The Links defeated Roncalli 8-0 and went on to win the JV City Title. Photo by John Ferreira
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By Tutu Wah –

Even though the Boys Varsity Soccer team had a tough season this year, the JV team won almost all their games and even won the JV City Title. “We had 11 wins and only 1 loss,” JV Soccer Coach Alexander Cerny said. “We won our first three games and lost to North Platte, then we won our next eight, so we finished out pretty well with our eight-game winning streak,”

In their game against North Platte, they did really well and only lost by one point. “We were down 3 to nothing and we scored 3 goals in the last 5 minute. Unfortunately they scored one, too, so we lost that game 4 to 3,” Cerny said. For the JV team, their best moment was when they annihilated the Elkhorn Team. “It’s either between winning the shootout and seeing the guys come together, working hard for those or it might have been either against Alcorn, we beat Alcorn 7 to 0 at their own field.

We had a guy who hadn’t played much and scored off a free kick so it was pretty impressive,” Cerny said. “Biren Lopez has scored a lot of our goals. There’s a guy who I can put in any positions and he will just do a really good job. He creates a lot of things, but really, it’s a team effort, from the front back. We had a lot of fun that night,” Cerny said. “The best game we played was against Alcorn we beat them 7 to 0,” JV Midfielder Byron Lopez said.

In their latest game, they did even better. “We won 8-0 on Thursday against LNE and 8-0 on Saturday vs Omaha Roncalli,” Coach Cerny said. In addition, they also won the city title. “We won the City Title and actually when we started thinking about it, we beat everybody at our conferences as well except for Grand Island who we didn’t play so we won the JV City Title outright. We even beat Pius,” Cerny said. This year started a little bit shaky for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, but they worked hard to win their games.

“I got guys playing in positions that they normally don’t play and they’re really working hard to get our victories,” coach Wes Zach said. The Varsity team has been working hard to win, and are even moving people around to get those wins. “We’re just not able to score so we’re moving guys around, trying to see what works,” Varsity Team Captain, Rawson Ngoh, said. “We play hard for most of the game, but we’re not able to score so that’s been frustrating. We try to change our formation so we can win more game. Quite frankly, I’m not happy with the results as they are right now. I love to play soccer and I like playing with these guys they have a lot of talent, but I’m not happy with the results as they are right now” Ngoh said. Both teams had different results, but they tried their best, and that’s what matters. “The season’s been going well and all the boys wants a few more wins, but they’re really working hard to get our victories.”

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