LHS Sophomore Spotlight

Lincoln High Sophomore Janeli Gonzalez, plans on going to college after she graduates high school. Gonzalez wants to attend cosmetology school because she is very interested in hair care and makeup.

Although academics and school are very important in her life, Gonzalez has always had a love for athletics.

“My favorite memory would probably be the time that it takes, for some reason and it sounds weird, but I really like how you can work every day for months and it keeps you busy.” Gonzalez said.

She plays soccer for the girls Lincoln High team and is also involved with cheer. Gonzalez joined cheer her freshman year because she heard very positive things about cheer from some of her brother’s friends and she also wanted to be able to build new friendships going into high school.

When it is not soccer season and she does not have to cheer on the Links at a game, Gonzalez enjoys spending time with her mom or taking that time to get in some much needed rest.

Being a student athlete takes a lot of time and energy, but Gonzalez is able to balance that perfectly so she can do the sports she loves.