LHS Track and Field Athlete: Vivian Arnold

Lincoln High Junior, Vivian Arnold, is prepared to compete in a strong track and field season this year.

Arnold competes for Lincoln High in pole vault, but she is also involved in varsity cheer, varsity swim, and varsity and junior varsity cross country.

When she started high school, she was interested in pole vaulting for Lincoln High because her brother had been a pole vaulter here in years before her. She wanted him to do it his senior year, so she went out and tried it because if she was involved with it he would have to continue through his last year.

Through her years pole vaulting for Lincoln High, she has learned the importance of community. “The teams all get to practice together so there’s a community sense to the entire sport.” Arnold said.

Because all LPS schools practice together, athletes get the opportunity to build bigger bonds with each other and meet new people. This creates a very safe and enjoyable place to practice because you have many more people to cheer you on and support each other.

“My favorite memory would be helping out at state last year. The whole experience was really fun, and I enjoyed being able to watch and support my teammates.” When given the opportunity to help out and support her team, Arnold did exactly that.

Each year at state, athletes are given the chance to go watch state, help out with the event, and cheer on teammates from different schools. It is a great way to build stronger bonds with many teammates, and even meet other pole vaulters outside of LPS.

This season, Arnold wants to focus on having fun competing with her friends in a sport she loves, but she is ready to perform her best during this season.

With the first season in the books, Arnold is ranked third in district 2 with an 8 foot jump from the North East Relay meet earlier this week.