REVIEW: Avatar: The Way of Water Smashes Box Office


Thirteen years after Avatar was released, we finally got to see where this story went. Avatar: The Way of Water was finally released in December of 2022.

Many fans were thrilled to finally see a continuation of a movie to which they felt connected. Personally, I was also extremely excited to see how the characters continued their story after watching the first one so many years ago.

With Box Office making $2.130 billion, it is clear to see many people were excited to see this sequel make an appearance in the movie theaters.

This action packed movie took it a step farther by making it 3D. Even though it was 3D, I felt like it wasn’t exactly supposed to be 3D. The movie itself does a great job of keeping the audience engaged, but it just didn’t feel 3D enough.

I think the audience can see a strong character development throughout the movie, and even if you haven’t watched the first movie in a while, you can still easily understand this new movie.

Overall, if you are looking for exhilarating movie, I would highly recommend Avatar: The Way of Water.