Senior Spotlight: Cate Frederick


As Mama Mia comes to an end, Lincoln High senior Cate Frederick prepares to begin the next production that Lincoln High is performing for their spring performance. 

Frederick has been involved in theater from a very young age. At age 10, she was captivated by the art of theater, and she was able to do this by being involved with Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln.

Frederick was a part of dance and choir all throughout elementary school, so acting felt like the next step for her.

She was always a very creative kid growing up so, by the time her freshman year rolled around, Frederick was really interested in joining the theater program. “I had heard that Lincoln High had a really good theater department so I visited and talked to a couple of people who did theater.” Frederick said.

She remembers performing Second Samuel her freshman year, and it was the play that they went to compete with. “It was about a small town called Second Samuel set in the 40’s. It talked about trans people, but it was also about race, socio economics status, and so much more.” Frederick said.

The play covered many topics that people needed to hear about, and Frederick enjoyed being a part of a play that could do that.

Over the four years that she has been involved in the theater apartment, Frederick looks back at her most memorable moment.

She strongly remembers competing in the one act show Dark Road as a junior, and hearing another school winning second place at district.

She remembers not having any hope and almost accepting that they were not going to win districts, but then Lincoln High was announced winning first place. “I think there was silence for about two seconds after they said the name of the play because no one believed it.” Frederick said.

Most recently, Frederick was part of the ensemble for the musical Mamma Mia. “Every musical has its ups and downs, but this one has been interesting.” Frederick said.

There have been many setbacks with the play, but with all the time working with the music, the cast is set up for some great things.

Frederick’s advice for people who are thinking about joining theater is to just go out and try it. “There is something for everyone if you want to try it.” Frederick said.

After she graduates, Frederick wants to major in journalism, but she is thinking about minoring in theater. Frederick wants to focus more on directing, but she does not think that is going to be spending the rest of her career in the acting field.