Are Recent Fashion Trends Just Fast Fashion?

Keeping up with the trends can be a little crazy right now. With fast fashion trending, many people will buy clothes that will go “out of style” in the next week.

However, there have been some fashion trends recently that we see even at Lincoln High.

A huge trend that has been worn a lot recently is flared leggings. We have seen a variety of outfits worn with a simple pair of black flare leggings, including hoodies, crewnecks, and sweaters.

Going off of that, oversized clothes have been very popular recently. Oversized shirts, hoodies, pants, and many other pieces of clothing have been favored. Having that baggy-clothes look has been very popular over the winter months because of the cold weather.

There has also been a little return on corsets. People will style a corset as a shirt and pair it with a pair of jeans or other pants. Corsets were seen a little bit more in the summer because of the warmer weather, but they have continued to remain pretty popular.

Continuing on the shirt trends, there has also been a lot of puffy sleeved shirts that have been popular. These include a tight fitted shirt with either long or short sleeves that are puffy and flowy. These shirts are perfect for spring, paired with a pair of jeans.

Flannels have also been something we have seen a lot of. Jeans with a hoodie and a flannel over it have been really popular. This style was seen a lot more during autumn, but it has carried into the winter months as well.

Along with that, layering has been seen a lot recently as well. With the colder months, this is perfect. You can throw on an extra jacket to make the outfit complete.

Many of these styles and clothes could end up just being a fast fashion trend, which means more trends will emerge from this. When those trends do come out we will see people jumping on the new trends just as they have done in the past.