StuCo announces LPS Student Serve week as opportunity for GoPo hours


By Aurdrey Perry

As the school year approaches the end, and seniors are preparing for graduation, many are on the grind to finish the required GoPo hours that are mandatory to receive their diploma.

Student Council recently announced a new opportunity for LPS Students to get involved in helping the community and an easy way to reach their GoPo hour requirement through a program called LPS Student Serve.

“Students from every high school in the district are volunteering at various organizations in Lincoln to support our community,” Student Council President Eric Lesiak said.

During the week of April 29 to May 4, 2019, students can become involved in LPS Student Serve. According to the LPS Website, it is a “completely student-led initiative focused on improving our community while also teaching students important life long lessons through volunteerism.”

Some of the goals of the program stated on the website include inspiring younger students with the ideas of volunteerism to foster leadership skills, helping high school students accomplish graduation requirements, providing networking opportunities, [and] creating a way for students to easily reach out to the community.

Students can go to the website by clicking this link to find more information and sign up. There are a list of opportunities for community service as well as organizations to join. Some of these include volunteering at People’s City Mission, Mourning Hope Grief Center, Center for People in Need, and many others.

Students also involved in any organization can direct their leaders or sponsors to the Student Serve website to become involved as a group as well.

“Make sure to sign up today on! Everyone is welcome,” Lesiak said.