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Katie Chiplaski

                 Hello there my fellow people! My name is Katie Brown-Chiplaski. I am eighteen years old as of August 27th. I am the oldest of, technically, 16 children. However only four live with me.  I was raised by my wonderful mother Michelle, she turned me into the positive character i am today. Their is no father in the picture, but that is okay, my mom is a hard working woman. I love Photography, Singing, Music, Dancing, and i am an artist. I love to draw still life. (: Like most teenagers, i don’t enjoy business classes or Politics yet.  I plan on moving to Missouri in the summer of 2013, and possibly take off a year. I have no idea what i would like to major in if i go to college. I am very undecided.

I love my friends and family; I would be lost without them. I am very outgoing, however i started out very quiet and shy. My two best friends Maccoy and Bethany have held me high and have always had faith in me, and i have every reason to thank them. I am not conceited or cocky, I’m just proud to be myself. I am slightly crazy, and i love to smile. (: I’m … just me.

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