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William Mosby

Que pasa, me llamo William Mosby.I’m a senior at LHS, graduating in the year 2013. In addition to being on the Advocate staff, i am also a performer for the LHS Slam Poetry team. I am a loud flamboyant person thanks to the influence of the other LHS theater kids.  I invest my free time in school plays, writing, and preparing myself to be apart of the adult world. If you are having one of those days. . . when it feels like the world is resting n your shoulders. . .and you need a spiritual uplifting :D. . .I am the one to talk to.

My high school years just flew by. I wish i was more engaged as an underclassmen instead of wasting my time wallowing soullessly through the gladiator pits we call school hallways. In the long run i guess you could say im satisfied with what LHS has made me. Either way if i could change any one thing about my life so far, it would be how much time i spent outside of school and apply myself more inside of class.


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