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Looking for a good lunch deal? Maximize your 29 minutes NOW

Students visit a variety of fast food restaurants over lunch time. Check out the list of nearby lunch options, complete with distance and links to maps.  Photo by Angel Tran

Students visit a variety of fast food restaurants over lunch time. Check out the list of nearby lunch options, complete with distance and links to maps. Photo by Angel Tran

Students visit a variety of fast food restaurants over lunch time. Check out the list of nearby lunch options, complete with distance and links to maps. Photo by Angel Tran

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By Angel Tran  |Entertainment|

Having trouble finding a decent place to eat during the week?  Make the most out of your lunch time by using these hacks and deals within a one-mile radius of Lincoln High.  Here are just a few places that are student-friendly and nearby.*

(Click on the links for maps and directions.)

  1. McDonald’s (800 ft)

    McDonald’s new app advertisement. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

    • Ever considered getting the McDonald’s app?  Enjoy things like free fry-Friday, free drinks and more!  Throughout ALL of December, gather up your friends and buy 5 McCafe beverages and get 1 free with the app for android and iPhone.
  2. The Mill (1200 ft)

    • One of the most rapidly growing coffee shops, The Mill opened it’s doors to the public at their newest location..just two blocks from the high school.  If you aren’t too hungry and are looking for maybe a pastry and a warm drink, save some gas and walk over to the new Mill coffee shop!
  3. Goodcents (0.3 mi)

    • Enjoy a free cookie this Friday when you purchase a sandwich and a drink!  On a crunch for time?  You can order online for store pickup and have it immediately when you walk in the door.  To order, click here.
  4. Little Caesars (0.4 mi)

    Little Caesar’s $5 Lunch
    Combo. Photo courtesy of Brand Eating

    • Get the FIVE BUCK LUNCH combo any day during lunch!  With a four slice, one-topping pizza, and a drink.  Unfortunately, you can’t order for pick-up, but Little Caesars is known for their HOT-and Ready Pizza.
  5. D’Leon’s (0.4 mi)

    • ALL-DAY-BREAKFAST!  Never been?  Go ahead and check their menu for vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options here.
  6. Amigos (0.4 mi)

    A look into Amigo’s website–updated DAILY! Photo courtesy of

    • With a variety of DAILY specials, you can access all of their coupons on their website, and find their menu as well.
  7. Hong Kong Chinese (0.4 mi)

    • Who doesn’t love Chinese food?? With a weekly lunch combo, their menu is almost unlimited.  Call them at 402-742-0111 and order for pickup during passing period.
  8. Burger King (0.5 mi)

    • With weekly offers, $1 any size Icee’s, and 10 nuggets for $1.49 Burger King also offers gluten-sensitive meals, and has their own app with exclusive deals.
  9. Pickleman’s (0.7 mi)

    Pickleman’s mobile app sign! Go in and see it during your lunch now. Photo courtesy of Picklemans.

    • A trending restaurant for students, Pickleman’s has already gained the attention of many at LHS.  Not enough time?  You can order online and pickup!  Finding a hard time looking for a parking space downtown?  Bring a friend and drop them off at the front while they run in and grab your lunch to maximize your 29 minutes.
  10. Noodles and Company (0.8 mi)

    • A favorite when its chilly outside, and also a very gluten, vegan, and vegetarian friendly restaurant, order online and pickup during your lunch to enjoy warm noodles, soups, and more. Get $5 when you sign up for the app for android and apple.  Their newest deal when you sign up is receiving a series of rewards when you sign up for the app (including the $5).
  11. Runza (0.8 mi)

    Temperature Tuesday’s ad. Applies January 2nd, 2018. Photo courtesy of

    • Coming this January and February, Temperature Tuesdays will be back!  The temperature at 6am EVERY TUESDAY will determine the cost of a runza when you purchase medium fries and a medium drink.  Find the menu here.
  12. Raising Canes (0.9 mi)

    • Freshly made to order, it’s no wonder why Raising Canes has become a high school and college student craze.  With a fairly limited menu, Raising Canes has made it easy to order from their menu.
  13. Wendy’s (0.9 mi)

    • New to Wendy’s, you can order online and pickup in store!  Order your meal online, and use your 29 minutes of lunch wisely.
  14. Panera (1.0)

    The online order page on Panera’s website. Photo courtesy of

    • Order online here, and skip the line at Panera here!  Bring a friend, and avoid the downtown parking situation.  All you have to do is order for “Rapid Pickup” and grab your bag off the warm shelves in store.
  15. Juice Stop (1.0)

    • Not so hungry?  Go grab a smoothie with no added sugars, no artificial smoothie mixes, and made with 100% real fruit today!  With a vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-sensitive menu.

*For information purposes only. The Advocate does not necessarily endorse or recommend these restaurants.

About the Writer
Angel Tran, Editor-In-Chief

“So live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you.” -Stuart Scott

Hey there! (:

My name is Angelina Tran, but most call me Angel.  I am The Advocate’s Editor-in-Chief.

Future Goals and Aspects

A major goal for my life is to finish school with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I am a part of the Upward Bound program, a college preparatory program based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I plan on majoring in Secondary Education with an Endorsement in History and Business.  My master’s degree will be in Educational Administration and my doctorate degree will be in Educational Studies.

Personal Life

I am a varsity sprinter for the LHS Track and Field team, as well as a varsity letterman.  I am a three-time state qualifier in the 100M, 200M, and 4x100M Relay. I am also a sponsored indoor track sprinter as well as a competitive powerlifter.  My main goal is to return to the Nebraska State Track and Field Championship next May 2019.

Another activity I am involved in is DECA, which stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America.  As a part of DECA, I help with community service projects and events, fundraising, and I compete at the district, state, and national level.  Currently, I am Co-Presidents with my other half, Jayla Toliver.

As the student representative for LHS, I am a co-chair on the district High-School Task Force, a committee that is planning the next two high schools being built in the city of Lincoln.  I am also the committee co-chair of Student Diversity and Community.

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  1. Vashti Parks on December 15th, 2017 8:34 am

    I love this! Great Idea Angel.

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