Accidentology Concert & Album Release


Accidentology members, courtesy image.

The Lincoln High Community is full of amazing and talented students; in those talents, we find Accidentology.

Accidentology is a student grunge band composed of Lincoln High freshmen: Sam Maser on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ellis Bass on lead guitar, Forrest Wamstad-Evans on bass, and Vee Lunquist (Lincoln Southwest freshman) on drums.

Accidentology album cover, courtesy image.

Accidentology forms part of the HQ venue in Lincoln, and will participate at the HQ-Paloogaloo, a music festival presenting multiple bands which will be held at The Korn Farm, 11014  190th St. Waverly, NE.

Passes are $35.00 and will cover the full event from the 7th through the 9th of October and can be ordered at

Accidentology will be playing October 8, from 5:40 – 6:10 pm.

The band will be releasing their first album out to the public on October 10th.